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Counseling Services To Help You Break FREE From 

The Areas Of Emotional Bondage In Your Life!



If our INNER health influences everything in our lives, then why is it the last thing we add to our priority list?  

In a world that focuses on outward appearances more than internal, it's time to give your INNER health the focus it deserves.


 The stigma of "therapy" and "self-help" has been given a bad rap, this is about finding FREEDOM.


Your mental and emotional health is about finding FREEDOM more than anything else. 


Counseling is about kick-starting an INITIATIVE of health in your life.  Therapy can help you find direction and work towards healing. 

Making your first appointment is your starting point for this INITIATIVE of emotional health in your life.



Marital & Individual Sessions

Specializing in virtual and in-person individual, marriage and family therapy to help with the areas of emotional bondage in your life.  For whatever difficult season you are in the middle of, counseling can meet you where you are and find a pathway for healing in your life. 

60-minute sessions are $100  

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Group Sessions

Group  therapy is a great way to find healing in community.  Group sessions are offered on a seasonal basis with various topics offered throughout the year.


Message us for details on the next group.

Groups are $25 per 1.5 hour meeting 

*Currently filling spots for:

Momma Tribe - Mother's Emotional Support Group

Safe Haven - Gathering of people healing from Toxic Relationships 

Mental Health Check-In - For people interested in a monthly check-in with a group setting versus individual.

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Trauma Sessions using EMDR

Trauma can bring barriers to healing and emotional freedom  in your life.  We use EMDR therapy to help clients with specialized care on the difficult areas of hurt you have experienced.

60-minute EMDR sessions available for $100

90-minute EMDR sessions available for $150


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Inner Freedom Initiative, PLLC

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